Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Go Do That Hoodoo That You Do So Well !!!

Welcome to Georgia Root Doctor, home of one of the last authentic Southern Root Doctors in existence. My name is Doctor Buzzard and I have taken up the original Doctor Buzzard's mantle.  Traditionally root workers are extremely reclusive and covert. If you know the social and religious constraints in Southern Culture and Families you will understand. Also, Government and the Church have never been accommodating, understanding or even knowledgeable about who we are or what we do. Most of their ideas belong in the realm of fantasy. 

As a root worker I am well versed in the occult arts, a partial list of areas of study I have undertaken throughout my career follows:

Hoodoo Folk Magick

Traditional Scottish Witchcraft
Ceremonial Magic
Crystal and Gem Work
Magnetism and Magnetics
Ormond and Radionics
Santeria and Voudon
Wyrding Ways
Electro-Magnetism and the Space/Time Continuum
Demonology and Exorcism
Paranormal Ghost/Poltergeist Activity and Elimination

Dark Matter Physics and Dark Matter Entities
My services are available for hire.

Please contact me by sending me a message describing your situation and what you are in need of and I will contact you as soon as possible.